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At Organic Tree Care we aim to provide an outstanding service in all aspects of arborculture/tree care.
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ORGANIC TREE CARE offers a comprehensive range of tree management services to residential, commercial and industrial clients. Specialising in large tree removals in confined spaces and hedge pruning, please see our full range of services below. Most amenity trees require some pruning or servicing in one form or another during their lives. Listed below are some of the common types that could be recommended: All aspects of tree services include :

Crown Thinning

Tree Removal

Tree Pruning

Stump Grinding


Arborists Reports

Aborist reports are an in depth look at a tree and are generally done as a result of council rejecting a tree removal proposal.

At ORGANIC TREE CARE we have a Certificate 5 Arborist at hand to prepare a Arborist reports. We will inspect the tree and if we feel that the tree will be classed as a low hazard. The reports will detail the species, health, structure & form of the tree. Any potential risk will be identified and all necessary work prioritised.

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Keeping your trees maintained not only improves the safety and well-being of your trees, but also increases the value of your property.


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